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Trendy Site Builder offers a great platform to showcase your design talents.

The contest is open to authorized Web Design Institutes and their students.

For training Institutes: Give your students an opportunity to showcase skills learnt in the class room.


Your students can put to use skills
learnt in the class room related to
photoshop, Flash, HTML etc.

Identify and reward good designers
with Trendy Site Builder License
For Web/Graphic Design Students: Put to use skills learnt in the class room related to Photoshop, Flash, HTML etc.


See how you measure up against other students in your batch.

Get instant recognition on Trendy Site Builder platform.

Win Trendy Site Builder Premium License for free!

Trendy Site Builder is fast emerging as a popular site building tool for creation of stunning flash websites. The tool is currently available to 5 Million+ Web hosting customers across the globe through partnership with some of the largest web hosting companies in the world! Some of the hosting companies are BlueHost(2 Million Sites) HostGator(2.5 Million Sites) HostMonster(700K sites)

What is the objective of the contest?

The objective is to allow participants to create a website using Trendy Site Builder tool.

Who should participate?

The contest is targeted towards students who are undergoing web design and graphic design courses.

What is the benefit to participants?

The contest is an ideal platform for students to put to use the skills learnt in classroom related to photoshop, html, flash etc.

In addition winning students can have their websites showcased on providing them immediate recognition as professional web designers on a global platform. They also get to showcase their info through a dedicated profile page.

» Sample Profile Page

Contest Details:

The entire contest is conducted online. Each Institute can sign up online and create separate contests for each batch. The Students can sign up and create websites at their convenience within the given time frame. The institute will then score the submitted websites based on the given guidelines to determine the winner.

Details of Contest guidelines and scoring are available at,

Online chat facility id also available to resolve any queries.

Prizes :

Trendyworks will offer certificates to all the participants who submit complete websites. The best website design will be selected by the institute. The winners will receive a one year license of Trendy Site Builder worth $59 (Rs.2700) free.

Additionally the winning sites may be showcased on